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Learn the secretsof driving faster

Racing Packages

iRacing ONLINE COACHING – Lapping sessions are for iRacing Users.  Benchmark lapping sessions with coaching.  Below are the the ONLY cars utilized for the sessions.
Identifying the proper racing line and basic car control. Go over h-pattern shifting and (heel n toe) downshifting techniques. iRacing car(s) – Mazda Miata MX-5 and Spec Ford Racer.
Expand on shifting techniques and car control and introduce threshold braking; trail braking and left foot braking. Throttle steering when exiting slow and mid speed corners. iRacing Car(s) – Porsche RUF RWD and Lotus 49.
Racing in changing conditions, Identifying and adapting to changing conditions on a race track. Identifying key areas to exploit more grip. Racing on temporary road courses and adjusting to bumpy road conditions with low grip levels and how to adapt. Car setup is introduced for all of the said conditions. iRacing   Car(s) – Porsche RUF RWD, Lotus 79 and Lotus 49.
($40.00   an hour)    

USE OF MOBILE RACING SIMULATOR - The Simulator utilizes a large projection screen including a Surround Sound System, a Dual Vibration System, a Manual H pattern Shifter or Standard Paddle Shifter, a Hydraulic Emergency Brake system, multiple MOMO racing wheels, and hydraulic racing pedals converted from an actual race car.
($80.00 an hour)
$160.00 (2 hour minimum)

SSI RACING TEAM STARTER PACKAGE - Great introduction to a professional Motorsports driver training program.  The training includes 2 hours of Simulation training on our Mobile Simulator and 2 sessions at LeMans Indoor Karting Center utilizing our helmet communication system.  
$320.00 (4 hours)

INTRO TO COMPETITION RACE DRIVING - The training program will consist of learning shifting techniques, Car Control exercises, introduction to threshold braking and identifying proper racing line.  Includes 1 Mobile Fee session
$800.00 (10 hours)

LEVEL 1 COMPETITION RACING PACKAGE - The training program will consist of learning shifting techniques, introduction to threshold braking, trail braking, throttle steering and identifying proper racing line.  Includes 2 Mobile Fee sessions
$1,800.00 (20 hours)

LEVEL 2 COMPETITION RACING PACKAGE - This program is tailored towards drivers wanting to compete in an organized championship either at a Regional or International level.  The training will consist of benchmark training utilizing proper pace (lap-times or telemetry readouts) as means to prepare a driver for competition.  Includes 2 Mobile Fee sessions  
$3,400.00 (40 hours)                

Mobile Fee
If simulation session is not held in SSi Racing Team Headquarters, and brought to you anywhere in surrounding Bay Area
A mobile fee of $200.00 will be added to the session.

Beginner 4-Stroke | $120.00 | Top speed 35+ MPH
Intermediate 2-Stroke non-shifter | $500.00 | Top speed 70+ MPH
Advanced Superkart 125cc | $950.00 | Top speed 100+ MPH

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San Jose, California
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